In our gallery we exhibit paintings from different artists. Below you will see a presentation of current artists.

Karin Elgenlund

The art interest has been with me since my youth. I was born in Tornedalen on a small farm, my parents were artistically active and are my role models.

I paint in watercolor, acrylic and sometimes it becomes an oil painting.

During the winter, I live in Nacka and have exhibited a few times in the Old Town in Stockholm.

In the summer, I live in Skåne, Beddingestrand, so there have been a couple of exhibitions in different places in Skåne too.

My paintings often represent different emotional expressions, paint mostly in strong colors, nature-like paintings, preferably with women’s motifs in different activities. I want life and movement in my motifs.

I get happy when I paint and I hope to convey similar feelings of joy, warmth and energy in my paintings.

Michaela McCarver Lund

My name is Michaela McCarver Lund, 23 years from Stockholm!

I work with abstract art on canvas and use sponges and scrapes.

I want the viewer to be able to see what they want in my art, not what others say they should see.