In our gallery we exhibit paintings from different artists. Below you will see a presentation of current artists.

Karin Lindman

I lived as a child on an island in the Stockholm archipelago where I often had fun drawing and coloring.

When I was a teenager we moved to Värmdö where I later met my husband and started a family. We moved to Norrlanda in 1987 where I resumed my interest in painting and started going to weekend and evening courses in watercolor painting which later led to more advanced weekly courses at Anna-Stina Purk “Galelri Gullvivan” in Klintehamn.

She has since come to mean a lot to me and my art style. My inspiration is taken from the Gotland nature, which offers many different motifs.

Hope you like my creations.

Michaela McCarver Lund

My name is Michaela McCarver Lund, 23 years from Stockholm!

I work with abstract art on canvas and use sponges and scrapes.

I want the viewer to be able to see what they want in my art, not what others say they should see.