About Liste gård

Liste Gård is located in Norrlanda on the east coast of central Gotland. The farm was built in 1780 and until 1939 was complete with agriculture, forest and fishing and meadow farming on the Baltic Sea (Hammar’s meadows).

The farm’s former owners have all carefully renovated the buildings as they were previously in pretty poor condition.

Most of the rooms at Liste Gård have regained their original color scheme from the 18th century, a life-affecting cascade of cobalt blue, brilliant yellow, lime bloom green and English red.

Here you will find a mix of new and old. Many charming details remain, such as the kitchen’s old wood stove and water closet, in which the waste water was poured out in the past.

Today, the farm is run by the Sundkvist family, who have always had a heart in Gotland. They have continued to renovate the farm and have more plans for how the farm can be further refined. Christina, Stefan, the dogs Nisse and Nizka and all the other animals on the farm warmly welcome you and hope you will have a pleasant stay.

At the farm

Your pets are welcome at the farm, but please indicate in your reservation how many and what kind of pets they are so we know.

For cooking there is a common, fully equipped kitchen that is free to use. There is also great barbecue facilities in our lovely garden.

We have bicycles for rent for those who want to go on an excursion and a thermal bath for those who want to take a bath.


Restaurants and grocery stores

  • Grocery storeTempo Kattmarsvik 10 km
  • Restaurant – Restaurant Rökeriet 11 km
  • Restaurant – Hamnkrogen Herrvik 14,5 km
  • Restaurant – Klosterbrunnen pizza och restaurant 19 km

Natural sites

  • Ocean – Hammars 5 km


  • Visby – 32 km
  • Lummelunda cave – 37 km
  • Ljugarn – 39 km
  • Roma Monastary – 21 km